Futures trading is for experienced traders, who is aware of risks in the market, you can leverage on a small capital outlay to trade a variety of financial instruments on a minimum deposit it allows you to leverage your investments and make your money work harder for you, Since its inception in 2002, the derivative segment, comprising of two instruments of futures and options, has captured the limelight of stock market operations, Derivatives are a particular type of trading product which allows you to trade on your view of future price fluctuations without holding actual shares or assets.

WHY use Future Contracts ?


  • Future let’s you trade in a large number of stocks and Indices for a small margin.
  • Future’s , are often used by investors as a risk management tool to protect the value of their shareholdings from adverse market movements.
  • Future’s, if used correctly, are great instruments for making profits, hedging and leveraging your portfolio.
  • Futures contracts offer clients the advantage of leveraged investment, where you can profit in both in a rising and falling market.



The power of options lies within their versatility. They enable you to adapt or adjust your position accordingly. Options can be as speculative or as conservative as you like.

They are a good way for traders and investors to realise gains on equity movements without purchasing the underlying securities.

Our Indian Options are aimed to be simple and straightforward and put you in control.


  • You don’t physically own the stock.
  • Options are extremely versatile.
  • You can use options to hedge your existing portfolio.

    Sapphire – Your best “option” for derivatives trading


    We at Sapphire have made trading in derivatives Convenient for all. We offer trading in all equity derivatives instruments. We offer you:


  • Fast, flexible order entry
  • A dedicated derivatives service team to help you place trades
  • Competitive brokerage
  • Hedging advice for your portfolio
  • Negotiable commission rates available for active traders.

    We deliver all that you need to spot potential opportunities and act on them fast. We help You Diversify your portfolio and trade well known stocks at the same time we guide you make smart investment decisions.

    We provide       Online trading in Equity         Offline trading in Equity


    But that’s not all. It is our constant Endeavour to understand your needs and make every effort to fulfill them. Your growth is our objective.