Trading in Equities with Sapphire truly empowers you for your investment needs. We ensure you have a superlative trading experience through


  • Ethical business practices
  • Offline/Online delivery models
  • Single window for all investment needs through your unique CRN
  • A highly process driven, diligent approach
  • One of  the “best-in-class” dealing rooms.

    Irrespective of you being a long term investor, short term investor, a seasoned player or just a beginner, you can invest independently and build your portfolio with our sturdy tools and resources.

    It is a good strategy to use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis for the purpose of making investment decisions and for meeting such goals. Our analytical research and tools will help you select investments, grab opportunities and develop investment plan for maximizing profit.  We will guide you to make well-informed investment decisions and become a pro in managing your account with the convenience and help from our unbiased and comprehensive research work, sophisticated online tools, the latest market news and analysis and many more.


    We provide       Online trading in Equity         Offline trading in Equity


    When YOU open a trading account with Sapphire, you can be confident of getting the best. We ensure ease and convenience from opening of the account, to accessing research to execution and settlement of your trades.


    Our trading accounts are designed to meet the individual needs of investors and to provide you an edge in the markets.