Mutual Fund

At Sapphire, we believe that a fund should be chosen by how well it fits into your overall investment strategy. We offer mutual funds investing in a variety of asset classes that are appropriate for a range of investment objectives. Mutual Fund is one of the best way to diversify your investment portfolio with the help of experts, So Welcome to the family of SAPPHIRE WEALTH MANAGEMENT, a place where you can meet all your mutual fund investment needs.


We believe in a very simple business philosophy: What is good for the client is also good for Us. This philosophy continues to guide us today.


Proper Guidance for choosing the Right Plan For You


  • Sapphire offers personalized mutual fund investment advice tailored to your investment needs through a disciplined investment process. Our Investment Expert take time to carefully evaluate your goals, time frame, and risk tolerance before suggesting investment options, We help investors make sound decisions and for that they need access to information and to options, We take care of the most important aspect of selecting the best options out of whole bunch of mutual fund schemes for the safety and growth of your hard earned money, help You select the right investment solutions for your needs and get started, we analyze your current strategies in key areas, including investment, retirement, college, estate, and tax planning.

Key Features


  • Portfolio designing tailored to your need and continuous portfolio monitoring
  • Select the mutual funds that are right for you
  • Unbiased investment recommendations.
  • Evaluate your asset allocation
  • Consolidate or access your retirement assets
  • Prepare to meet college costs
  • Start a small business retirement plan
  • Periodically reshuffle your portfolio to ensure that your mutual fund investments are in sync with your investment objectives.
  • Assistance at every step of the investment process.

    Portfolio Build-Up Plan


    Mutual Fund also enables you to buy shares on a consistent and incremental basis so as to build up a portfolio of good securities for yourselves eventually. Therefore you do not need a huge amount of funds to invest in blue chip counters. By investing a fixed amount of funds consistently every month over a period of time, your average cost of shares purchased will be lower than the average price of the shares over the same period of time. This is possible since with the same amount of funds, you will buy more shares when prices are low and less shares when prices are high. This investment method is known as Rupee-cost-averaging, and it is especially useful in hedging against market volatility. With such a disciplined and consistent method, you will eventually build up a portfolio of stocks at a lower averaged cost.


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